June 26, 2017


Thanks to the use of latest generation equipment and machinery our company , guarantees the production of small and medium quantities of high quality metal components.

  • Multi-station milling machining for small and medium-sized series production, with 4-axis CNC machines;
  • Brass and silver alloy brass for components for lighting and furnishings; Building and assembling  of special items  for illumination and  furnishing ; Construction brackets for car body work;
  • Tape moulding with 40 tonne presses; 
  • Bending of metal from  drawing;
  • 4-Axis automatic folding of round and square elements up to 6 mm;
  • Forging with a mallet  of 15 ton.;
  • Five-axis machining and milling machining with bar counter-doubling up to d. 52 mm. Materials Machined: Brass, Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Plexiglass.